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Options trading can be lucrative when you use the right tool. Boost your chances of success with Strikes.

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There’s always a chance to
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the market direction
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    Strikes reads millions of documents for you to detect opportunities
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    Answer three key questions about the stock price
  • How it works?
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    Need help? Strikes shows you what others are doing
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    Review or modify your strategy easily before trading
  • How it works?
    Get alerts
    to threats
    Strikes' AI monitors threats to your trades and helps you handle them
  • How it works?
    your profits
    Experience the benefits of options trading
Our vision

A radically better way to invest that puts you in control.

For too long ordinary people have been trading blindfolded. Limited access to specialized data and hidden key information to help avoid costly mistakes, combined with apps full of technical jargon or lacking basic insights, put everyday investors at a disadvantage.

Strikes is here to change that. Say goodbye to mysterious losses and unnecessary jargon. Start trading with all the information you need.

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